Branding is big picture vision.

It’s looking at and getting clear on what really matters to both you and your dream clients...


Finding where those overlap and visually communicating that idea in the clearest way possible...


And building a cohesive brand builds trust by showing that you’re not just trying a business on for size.


This is my client, Danielle.

Hear how I helped Danielle elevate her branding to better reflect her values and depth of experience, attract her ideal clients, and shine in full confidence of the impact of her work.


Client Glow Up! Results

"I knew how I wanted to express my brand and its mission and Lena nailed it with how to visually portray all that I stand for."


grew her confidence:

"Her expertise in conceptual art and brand strategy gives you the edge you need to continue to grow your brand with authority."


got her groove back:

real results

tell me more

tell me more

real results

Jessica Santander is a female founder and designer of a jewelry lifestyle brand that seeks to instill the beauty of confidence and promote greater educational opportunities for women across the globe. When Jessica realized her larger goals could not be supported by the brand structure and identity she had in place, it was time for a total rebrand. We needed something that reflected passion behind business as well as femininity and to design a brand reflective of the quality of her products so she could be confident in charging the prices she deserves!

I want to be next

Nikita Williams is an amazing business coach for women with chronic illnesses and empowers her clients’ success by working strategy through mindset work. Her holistic approach, including things like aromatherapy and aroma tapping, has allowed her business to stand out uniquely in the market. After investing in her own personal development over the past few years, the transformation was clear in her business as well- Nikita realized that it was time for her branding to reflect that. 

i want to be next



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