Take Your Brand to The Next Level with The Brand Glow Up!™


You are magic. You're one of a kind. You’ve got a great business. But you know in your bones, that you are ready to make it even better. And you want your brand and marketing materials to reflect that powerful, confident, unstoppable YOU.

Just like the clothes we choose to wear, when we feel good about how we show up, we shine.


When your Brand Radiance Activator is complete it's time to move on to your very own Brand Glow Up!™

This is the next step in the journey to your new and improved expert brand and it's your chance to step into the spotlight with a whole new level of confidence and a renewed feeling of excitement and purpose about the work you do.

Designed for service-based businesses who are done playing small—done in 2-3 days so you can keep moving forward!

The Glow Up! Experience

Projects can include: brand messaging, logos, business cards, packaging, marketing materials, a responsive website that works on every device with written copy – all designed, built and launched in a matter of days with your Brand Glow Up!™


"Lena nailed it with how to visually portray all that I stand for."

"What to say about Lena, she's magical at what she does and how she can help bring any brand, whether established or brand new, to life. I knew how I wanted to express my brand and its mission and Lena nailed it with how to visually portray all that I stand for. I would recommend all creative entrepreneurs to work with this amazing soul, Lena!"

saw her vision come to life:


"She really gets to know the heart of the business and brings your goals to life."

"I've been in business a long time and as my business scaled I realized it was time for a re-brand. The process with Lena was just beautiful. She really gets to know the heart of the business and brings your goals to life. I couldn't be happier!"


got back to the heart of her biz:

"The brand strategy she helped me develop makes it so much easier to make decisions."

"Lena has real talent as an artistic designer, and she provides high-level brand strategy. Hiring her has saved me time and money because the brand strategy she helped me develop makes it so much easier to make decisions. And her design has elevated the forward facing aspects of my business. Highly recommend Lena! 10/10"


streamlined her strategy:


Hughes, Renée. Review of Lena Designs Studio, Google, 2022.

Santander, Jessica. Review of Lena Designs Studio, Google, 2022.

Building your brand is in no way a one-and-done kind of thing, though. As with anything in business, it's a continual push to take your business to the next level. Because of this, I include 30 days of ongoing voice support to ensure all your questions are answered and that you can confidently implement your new brand. 


Day Two is when your final website and collateral will be finished and launched. It's an exciting day that marks the beginning of a new chapter for your business.


Later that day we'll hop back on Zoom together to go over all the revisions and make final design decisions. Once completed I'll begin work on your new and improved website.


When we come together again on Day One of your Glow Up! we will finalize our strategy by reviewing your inspiration board to provide you with a visual direction and vibe as well as your logo concepts. I value your input and want to ensure that we're on the same page throughout our time working together.


I'll start by assessing your current brand and identifying areas for improvement based on your Brand Radiance Activator™ session. We'll dive deep into your brand's core so that everything that comes next has a place to start from.



It’s an opportunity to clarify your message and values as well as reinforce the value of your offerings by creating a consistent look across all channels.

BUT this is also your chance to show the world who you are and what makes YOU special. A time for
self-reflection, where you can take charge of your story by creating a brand that showcases you as a uniquely valuable woman.

Rebranding is a strong step for businesses...

Let's Make Some Magic

An investment in your brand that will boost your confidence and help attract the kind of attention that can only lead to success.