I believe that great visual branding is the spark to true growth in your business. Well, girl, that includes SO much more than a logo. At Lena Designs, branding is a deep dive into who you want to be as a company. We’ll go on a journey together to discover just what this looks like to your ideal customer. Don’t worry, I’ll be by your side every step of the way- equipping you with awesome design elements and giving you the research that inspires the finished look. My goal is to design the brand of your dreams while empowering you to follow through on your own. So, if you're in it to win it, let's dive in!

What is a brand and why does it matter, you ask?

Ready to stand out in the marketplace by attracting all the right customers for all the right reasons? Then we need to chat. 

As a designer, I’ve has helped female-owned online businesses all over the world make more money by being able to stand out uniquely with beautiful, purposeful design and to sell more confidently. I deliver the graphics you need and the guidance to implement them. My clients have always been surprised on how much I’ve been able to clarify for them with what they feel is so little to go on, but I work to marry intuition, empathy, and skill to help understand your vision and craft it into a comprehensive brand that you can grow with.

Michelle Garner

Lena believed in my company’s potential, and I was shown how to use my branding in a way that would lead to growth. Since working together, I’ve become much more confident in introducing my business to clients, and I’ve gained so many professional opportunities that I believe I would have otherwise missed out on. Lena is still there for me when I have questions about how and when to use certain design elements, and she is honest with me when I’m asking for branding advice.

Melissa Paterson,
Gurus 4 You

I think for most people time and money are their two biggest factors when making a decision on their branding. Lena's expertise, friendly and confident communication made working with her a real pleasure and made the money a no brainer and saved me hours of research and guesswork if I were to do it myself.

Jennifer Tingey,
The Offbeat Affair

Lena worked so much behind the scenes to really understand my brand and where I plan to take my business going forward. She took my ramblings and general ideas of what I want to do and where I want to go and built it into a cohesive and beautiful package that I am proud to have represent my business. Thanks girl!

Paige Gaines,
Paige's Pastime

Because of Lena's knowledge about marketing and branding, and her willingness to learn more about ME, the client, she was able to create something that showcases what I do and what I have a passion for. Lena KNOWS her stuff and she can steer you in the right direction! You can't go wrong with her!