You feel like you’re constantly starting from scratch when it comes to marketing?


You feel like your brand and website are failing to keep up with the growth of your business?


You feel embarrassed about sending potential clients to your website?


You find yourself second-guessing your decisions and unsure of how to articulate your big ideas to your target market?


Do you hesitate to seize new visibility opportunities to scale your brand authority:

As women, self-promotion can be challenging, but cultivating a strategic brand fueled by purpose can skyrocket your confidence and potential for growth.

Brand confusion stifles long-term growth–clarity leads to success. You need a partner who will help you focus your ideas, make smart decisions, and help you build confidence for lasting impact.

I'm Lena, and my design and strategy services are based on my expertise gained from intensive research, deep industry knowledge from formal education, and work with hundreds of women leaders and entrepreneurs.

By crafting a cohesive brand identity and website that feel aligned with your values, I can help you position your brand as an authority that magnetizes the right clients and customers to your message - those who you know you are here to serve and who will make you proud.

Whether it’s finding the right words to communicate your ideas and talk about your brand or navigating complex web design challenges, my goal is to help give you confidence in getting your message out there.

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- Jonathan Van Ness

We gain confidence by setting  goals and then showing    up for ourselves.

A complete brand makeover done in just 2-3 days that leaves you feeling confident, empowered, and ready to take the world by storm with The Brand Glow Up!™. 

Command attention and make a greater impact by showing up as your best, brightest self.

The Brand Glow Up!™

Discover your Brandthem™


Your brand is a reflection of your identity – your personality, beliefs, and aspirations. You want your brand to evoke emotions and inspire people, just like music does. Take the quiz and uncover which anthem and archetype match your personality best so that you can craft a brand story that captivates your audience.

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Using music and archetypes, learn how to powerfully convey your value and expertise through a brand story that feels uniquely you.

I'm here to help you boost your confidence and impact with strategic branding and web design that is as unique as you are.

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