this is me

In my studio, I not only create strategic branding and professional design elements but also serve as a cheerleader and BFF, supporting you on the journey to greater success and increased opportunity. It’s a winning combination!

Since I began my work, I’ve served a variety of clients in many different industries, including Etsy sellers, private chefs, local boutiques, realtors, photographers, and more! 

My clients have seen amazing results and often return to me for further work. However, it’s also great when my branding clients feel empowered enough to take the strategies I give them and start succeeding on their own. For example, I love seeing a former client create on-brand designs for social media using the tools in the branding kit I’ve given them.

Running a successful design business has had a huge impact on my life. I’ve experienced personal and professional growth beyond my expectations. Like many of my clients, I’ve found new confidence and satisfaction in my personal life with the growth of my brand. I’m doing what others said couldn’t be done and I’m incredibly proud of it.

Hi, I’m Lena, and I create beautiful and purposeful branding that inspires real growth through researched, personalized strategies that allow creatives and small business owners like you to realize your dreams. 

Do you wish that you could create a more powerful impact with your brand?

How would it feel to have professional design and strategy backing your business endeavors, generating more leads and higher sales than ever before? To have a stellar online presence with visuals that represent your brand and your values perfectly?

I’d love to help you with that! My professional training, including Bachelor’s degrees in conceptual art and graphic design, along with my emphasis on strategy set my design services apart.

I learned the power of a well-developed brand first-hand through my experience in my husband and I’s first business, Printsicle. The fast success we saw with strong branding, business strategy, and a loving support system was unquestionable. Other business owners saw it, too. Those with no cohesive presentation began to approach us asking for help with their own brands. 

I want the same results for you! If you’re ready to see your brand and business shine, click the button!

I wanted to help these business owners achieve their dreams, and I knew exactly how to do it. Lena Designs was born.

I believe professional design can change everything—not just your business but also your life. It’s certainly changed mine!