I'm here to help you feel confident of your expert status with a brand that authentically reflects your values and goals.



(And while I'm not a fairy godmother or a card-carrying member of The Magician's Guild, I surely accept that we all have magic within ourselves that the world deserves to see.)

In business, women face so many challenges and opposition simply because WE ARE WOMEN– my goal? To create a more diverse and inclusive business world where women have increased opportunity and success. I am dedicated to showcasing the brilliance, success, and expertise of strong women in business.

I partner with my clients to help them to take things to the next level and rise as the go-to experts in their industry through powerful, purposeful branding—eliminating self-doubt and leaving them confident in owning their space.

(And—before you ask—yes, this is a real quote from my client, Jessica.) 

"What to say about Lena, she's               at what she does and how she can help bring any brand, whether established or brand new, to life."

I help women just like you to break free of the fear that is keeping you on the sidelines with a brand that helps you stand tall. 

I'm Lena, and I help ambitious women ready to rise above expectations and confidently show up for those who need them.

hey girl,

Despite my education, including degrees in both conceptual art and design, my experience, and my accomplishments, I struggled for years with feelings of self-doubt and incompetence due to perpetual imposter syndrome. I worried that no one else would recognize my level of expertise because I was just "me."

I didn't feel like I had anything valuable to offer anyone.

So I started speaking up, making sure they knew just how special what they brought to the table was. I began offering my branding expertise to those who needed it and helped these women realize their potential. And from then on, I knew that my mission was to help other women see the value in their own magic. 

Then at local business events, I was surrounded by other women who were all talking about their businesses. And I could see the magic in each one of them. But for some reason, they didn't seem to see it themselves.

Today, I help other women do the same.

And so, armed with this new perspective, I was finally able to turn my attention inwards and begin valuing my own skills and offerings. Once I defined my brand values and had a clearer sense of what was important to me and what I truly wanted my business to stand for, everything changed. I no longer had to second-guess myself or try to be someone I wasn't. I finally had the confidence to show up boldly and put myself out there.

Get ready to celebrate- it's time to relaunch your rebrand! Most designers stop at a folder of graphics, but it's my job as your brand expert to you how to effectively implement my work. Your detailed style guide will include everything from logo sizing to social media examples and photography styling notes. 


The next step in the journey to your new and improved expert brand is my signature Brand Glow Up!™. From the strategy stage, I will work with you to create a new brand identity and full suite of design assets. This includes anything from colors to websites that embody your vision for success!


Whether you're ready to go all in or just need direction as to where to get started, our first step is always my Brand Radiance Activator™! Our strategy work within the Activator will be your Template for Success that will help you shine your brightest and set the stage for your brand to thrive.


I take a different approach than most designers out there:

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My "glow up" has allowed me to show up for my clients in a new way. I want to help you further into your expertise and elevate your existing business into a brand that truly reflects who you are as a woman—a brand that creates impact beyond your business cards and website to create deeper connections with customers.

“Perfect. This is what was in my head.”

Yes winner. We got it- I love it. This was my vision. Wow you did it. Perfect. This is what was in my head.

Melo, grief specialist

“Such an important part of my business!”

Going through this process with you is such an important part of my business! You really helped me get clarity on what I wanted to put out there and how I wanted to best represent myself and my business.

AliceAnne, Leadership coach

"If you are a business owner, have a passion for creating a legacy and know you NEED a powerhouse supporter, this is the woman you must have in your business however that may look right now."