Elizabeth Harris Nutrition & Wellness
Brand strategy, Identity, Web Design
Nutritionist and coach

lives with helpful nutrition and supportive habits. However, as her business evolved and her approach to health and nutrition radically transformed, she realized her brand image no longer accurately reflected her mission or the services she provided. She needed a brand that not only looked good but also spoke to the heart of her mission and her clients.

lizabeth Harris launched her business nearly four years ago with a clear mission—to help people lead happier, healthier 


I look at where I am today with this new rebrand, with the amazing humans I’m honored to serve and support, and I feel tremendous pride, energy, and excitement about what lies ahead!

As we underwent a thorough rebranding process, we didn't just focus on changing the logo or colors. Instead, we delved into the heart of Elizabeth's values, mission, and vision. By asking thought-provoking questions, I prompted Elizabeth to contemplate her personal and professional path, which ultimately influenced the new look of her brand. The rebranding process resulted in a beautiful new look that truly mirrored the work Elizabeth does with her clients. The transformation was not just skin-deep; it reflected the radical transformation Elizabeth's clients' experience as they redefine their health and wellness journey.