Jessica Santander
Brand strategy & Identity
Jewelry Brand

confidence and promote greater educational opportunities for women across the globe. When Jessica realized her existing brand identity and structure were no longer able to support her ambitious goals, she embarked on a rebranding journey. We designed a brand reflective of the quality of her products so she could be confident in charging the prices she deserves!

essica Santander is a female founder and designer of a jewelry lifestyle brand that seeks to instill the beauty of 


I knew how I wanted to express my brand and its mission and Lena nailed it with how to visually portray all that I stand for.

By diving deep into Jessica's story and brand, I was able to help her build a better brand with the future in mind that could support her larger goals of empowerment and philanthropy. Through this process, Jessica was able to step into the role of a vibrant leader and trust her design decisions, enabling her to increase her prices significantly and sell at boutiques nationally as well as continue to give back to organizations she is passionate about. This success has also led to Jessica being invited to participate in major events like New York Now and has been featured in outlets such as Women's Health, Buzzfeed, and Tampa Bay Times.