You're a passionate, high-achieving entrepreneur with a well-established business, but you might not feel completely confident in how you deliver your value to your clients or present yourself to the world.

Perhaps you don't feel like you "look like" a premium brand, or you feel embarrassed when media opportunities and speaking engagements highlight the fact that your branding hasn't kept pace with your success. You know you have valuable insights to offer, but you need help communicating your message.

You're a passionate, high-achieving entrepreneur with a well-established business and you've been working hard to scale up and grow.

You're confident in the value of what you offer your clients—but not so much in how you deliver that message.

You might feel overwhelmed by your need to “look like” an authority or feel embarrassed when media opportunities and speaking engagements bring attention to your brand that still looks like it did when you were just getting started...

But I'm here to help you show up in complete confidence in your business so you can be as visible as you truly need and want to be.

Elevate Your Brand to a Category of Its Own

Personalized Branding Packages for Female Business Owners

Shine bright!

That's where I come in. With my branding packages, I can work with you to create a strong and cohesive brand that reflects your unique value proposition. By partnering with me, you can show up with complete confidence in your business, ensuring that you're as visible as you need and want to be. Let's work together to elevate your brand and achieve success in your brand evolution.

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This is the development and creative phase where I execute the strategy we've developed in your activator. The Brand Glow Up!™ packages can include everything from the design of your visual identity to developing your brand messaging and content strategy through designing and building your website. With my comprehensive approach, I'll provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals and move forward with momentum.

The Brand Glow Up!™

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Your brand strategy provides a powerful filter for making decisions about every aspect of your business and helps you stay true to who you are while also staying connected with what matters most.

The Brand Radiance Activator™ is designed to help you uncover the core essence of your brand and develop a strategy for achieving your business goals. Through guided exercises and questions, we'll work together to create a plan that reflects your unique perspective and value proposition. You'll leave this phase with clarity and confidence, ready to move forward with momentum.

After that, I'll work to create a personalized written template for success that articulates your unique value proposition, positioning, and messaging so you can develop a clear and concise message that articulates your value and appeals to your target audience.

Interview +  Written 'Template for Success'

The Brand Radiance Activator™




"She's incredible at finding the details and nuances..."

Lena is simply one of the best in her craft. She's incredible at finding the details and nuances in your personality and elegantly combining them with the characteristics of your ideal clients to create a brand that not only speaks to them but also to you. I feel confident when I recommend her to others because I know that she provides a high-quality service that never disappoints.

FRANCINE, Social Strategist

“Lena is an amazing and gifted brand specialist...”

Lena is an amazing and gifted brand specialist, incredibly intuitive. She saw my vision clearly and brought it to life. I literally cried when I saw my initial logo and then brand guide. I couldn't believe that was my brand, it summed up everything I needed it to. Such a great experience, I highly recommend this special lady if you need help with your branding. You will not regret investing in yourself by investing in Lena!

Tyreese, Artisan soap maker

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