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You're not stuck. You're evolving. And sometimes, we outgrow our old skins. This isn't a sign of failure but a testament to growth.

or any other specialist...




social media manager,


launch strategist,

but before hiring the next:

If you're not clear about your brand, no one else will be.

Hard Truth:

Want to know how to get there?

Brand radiance is all about allowing your best self to shine so you can effectively and confidently command the sales you desire as you serve your highest purpose.

You confidently claim your authority as you pitch yourself for podcasts and other opportunities thanks to a renewed sense of purpose.

All visuals and design elements accurately reflect your brand's personality and evoke powerful emotions in your best audience.

The message in your heart flows effortlessly to your value-aligned audience, making them eager to take action.

You sit at your desk with a crystal clear vision of the irresistible sales page for your upcoming launch. 



The Brand Radiance Activator™


We'll establish elevated brand authority with a strategy to showcase your skills and highlight your expertise.

your excellence and EXPERT authority:

We’ll refine your target audience and tailor your brand messaging to reflect the uniqueness of what you provide.

Your ideal client: 

We'll refine your brand's positioning to ensure you stand out amongst your competition.

Your Brand Positioning:

We'll bring to light what sets you apart from the competition and how to leverage those strengths with your brand strategy.

Your unique strengths and competitive advantage: 

We'll identify the core principles that drive your business and how they need to be reflected in your brand to authentically communicate with your audience.

Your beliefs and Values: 

We'll explore your vision and long-term goals so your brand strategy enables you to easily make CEO decisions that align with the success you desire.

Your big-picture vision: 

Here’s how we’ll create your brand strategy

What Happens Inside...

- AliceAnne, Leadership Coach

I truly believe that EVERYONE, even those that think they just want a “simple logo” should go through this process. It will truly help you fully understand your own brand and who you want to attract. You think you know… But you don’t know what you don’t know and this process with Lena helps you tremendously.

Going through this process with you was such an important part of my business! 

I truly believe that EVERYONE, even those that think they just want a “simple logo” should go through this process. It will truly help you fully understand your own brand and who you want to attract. You think you know… But you don’t know what you don’t know and this process with Lena helps you tremendously.

You really helped me get clarity on what I wanted to put out there and how I wanted to best represent myself in my business. 

(edelman 2023)

51% of consumers say that they will disengage from a brand when they perceive a lack of authenticity. 

If your brand feels unclear and inauthentic to you, your audience has noticed it too.

I truly believe that when your brand is authentically aligned with who you are, you gain the power to make intentional, impactful decisions and implement them with confidence.

By representing your work with an authentic brand, you will be able to connect more easily with your best audience as they grow to trust in your expertise. Then you will effortlessly and confidently command the sales you desire.

The Brand Radiance Activator™ will support your brand in showcasing your unique brilliance.

When your brand communicates who you are without a doubt, you naturally attract others who understand and align with your vision.

Review your refined strategy.
You can expect a detailed plan within a week, followed by a follow-up call to ask any questions you may have!

Step three

I get to work. After your session, I analyze all the information we covered and dive into research, allowing me to craft a comprehensive plan that accurately reflects your vision.

Step four

The interview. Our ultimate goal is to capture your profound vision with confidence and clarity. Designed to be eye-opening and introspective, this process will challenge you to dig deeper than before.

Step two

Book your session and show up. Don't worry about completing homework or having the "right" answers prepared. Our collaboration will be most effective if you simply come as you are.

Step one

How It Works

— Erin, Visionary Leader & Entrepreneur 

We initially started with wanting clarity around publishing a photography tabletop book. However, with Lena's help, we peeled the layers back on the purpose and significance of this project and discovered a larger, more encompassing brand with the potential of various products and retreats. Thanks to Lena's support, our vision has expanded, and we now feel more confident in pursuing our goals.

Lena will stretch you to think bigger and broader than you were originally thinking.

Over the past 8 years, I've guided over two hundred passionate women, worldwide. Women just like you who are ready to align their brand with their big vision so they can show up confidently online and achieve brilliant results.

Together, we'll unlock new clarity and empower you to reach new heights in your personal and professional journey.

I'm Lena.

hey there!

After redefining their brand strategy to better communicate their value, my clients have:

  • been featured in prominent national magazines,
  • received invitations to speak and vend at large industry events,
  • authored bestselling books,
  • established wholesale partnerships with major retailers,
  • become repeat podcast guests,
  • and won awards for their coaching services.

As someone who has personally moved through the challenges of growing up very self-conscious, I am incredibly passionate about empowering women to glow up into a new confidence for their mission. I understand the transformative power of building a strong brand that reflects your true essence and enables you to step into your full potential.

actively pursuing keynote speaking engagements

writing your book as an extension of your thought leadership

ready to target a higher-ticket audience

launching a new offer

a high-level decision maker ready for expansion

a values-driven, mission-focused powerhouse


This is for you     you’re:

Cultivate a brand that radiates authenticity, empowers your voice, & enables you to make a meaningful impact on the world.

- Renèe, Messaging & Speaking Mentor

She digs in and sees the heart of the business, the future of the business, and creates an incredible experience to make your vision a reality. 

Thank you, Lena for your talent, patience, and love of the work!

Lena has such a unique approach to branding that goes way beyond a new logo and brand colors. 

Absolutely! Once you've completed your brand strategy session with me, it's time to level up with my signature offer, The Brand Glow Up!® This transformative VIP intensive is designed to bring your brand strategy to life and propel your business forward. We'll collaborate on key elements, from designing your logo to developing a full website, so you can relaunch your brand with unstoppable momentum. 

Can you help me implement the strategy when we're done?

Nothing other than coming with an open mind. The more open and prepared you are for the process, the better. I encourage you to come ready to embrace the process by taking some time to reflect on your goals before our session. By considering your aspirations and objectives, you'll be able to make the most out of our time together. So leave the pressure behind, and be ready to create magic together.

What do I need to have done before my session?

Investing in strategy-only services can yield significant ROI in the long run. By developing a well-crafted brand strategy, you will know how to differentiate yourself, connect with your target audience, and increase brand recognition and trust. While the immediate financial returns may not be apparent, the long-term benefits of informed decision-making, reduced risks, and sustained business growth make strategy services a valuable investment.

What is the ROI on an investment in strategy-only services?

The Brand Radiance Activator™ is a valuable asset when launching a new offer, providing brand strategy refinement to help you powerfully align your messaging with your target audience. By leveraging your unique strengths and understanding your audience's needs, you'll maximize success by crafting a more compelling sales page and brand presence to effectively present your new offer.

How can The Brand Radiance Activator™ help me if I'm launching a new offer?

The Brand Radiance Activator™ is primarily designed for established businesses who already have a solid foundation and know who and how you want to serve. However, if you have established your expertise in the corporate world prior to starting your new business, The Brand Radiance Activator™ is a great way to refine your brand strategy, identify your unique strengths, and establish a strong brand positioning from the very beginning.

Is The Brand Radiance Activator™ suitable for new businesses?

The Brand Radiance Activator™ is specifically designed for established businesses that already have a clear understanding of where they want to go and how they want to serve their target audience. If you have a solid business model in place and a vision of where you want to take it, this transformative process is for you. By refining your brand strategy, clarifying your values, and leveraging your unique strengths, you'll be able to differentiate yourself in the market, attract your ideal clients, and confidently move forward with purpose.

Will my business benefit from The Brand Radiance Activator™?

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