The Brand Glow Up!®: Brand Makeover Service for Women-Owned Businesses

Are you feeling the squeeze in your business? Like a pair of shoes two sizes too small, an outdated brand can be uncomfortable and hold you back from achieving your goals.

If you’re ready to step into a brand that fits perfectly, amplifies your unique strengths, and magnetically attracts clients ready to invest in your expertise, it’s time for a brand makeover.

Graphic with image of a woman rubbing tired foot from silver high heel with text that reads "Feeling the squeeze? 
Your brand might be too small for your goals!

It can be like wearing shoes that are two sizes too small—uncomfortable and holding you back."

In this post, you’ll learn about my signature process, The Brand Glow Up!®, and how it can transform your existing brand and business when you know you’re ready for something even bigger. From identifying your unique strengths to creating a magnetic brand personality, we’ll explore my holistic approach that goes beyond aesthetics to drive measurable results.

“What do you mean, glow up?”

The Brand Glow Up!® is not your average rebranding service. It’s a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind approach that goes beyond simply changing your logo or web design. It’s about elevating the entirety of your brand, from its core values to its visual identity.

A glow up is about emboldening and embodying your brand from the inside out. It’s about having the confidence to own your space in the market, communicating your value clearly, and attracting clients who are eager to invest in your expertise. It’s about helping you shine your brightest.

Who is this service for?

As an entrepreneur, your journey is characterized by growth, evolution, and transformation. If you have evolved, shouldn’t your brand evolve with you? Imagine the potential of your brand with a foundation designed to adapt and expand alongside your growth.

It might be time for a brand makeover if,

You’ve Evolved but Your Brand Hasn’t

  • You’ve grown significantly in your business journey, but your branding still reflects where you were, not where you are or where you’re going. It’s time to align your brand with your current expertise and vision.

You’re Attracting the Wrong Clients

  • If you find yourself working with clients who don’t fully appreciate your skills and expertise, it’s a sign that your branding isn’t attracting the right people—you’re ready to magnetically attract clients who value and are eager to invest in your services.

You Struggle to Articulate Your Unique Value

  • Standing out in a crowded market can be tough, especially if you have difficulty expressing what makes you unique. This process will help you clearly articulate your value proposition, making it easier for your ideal clients to see why they should choose you.

Your Visual Branding Feels Outdated

  • First impressions matter, and outdated visual branding can hold you back. Whether it’s your logo, business cards, or social media covers, it’s time that your visual identity reflects your growth and professionalism.

You’re Ready to Go BIG

  • This isn’t just a superficial makeover. My holistic approach involves deep reflection, strategic alignment, and a complete visual overhaul. If you’re committed to taking your brand to the next level, this process is for you.

The Brand Glow Up!® Process

Over the last decade, I’ve refined my process into a streamlined, iterative cycle that prioritizes swift, intentional decision-making—eliminating the delays typically caused by decision fatigue and endless revisions.

The Brand Glow Up!® is a complete rebrand with strategy and execution, providing a level jump like no other. Projects can include your brand’s positioning and messaging, logo, business cards, letterhead, marketing materials, and a responsive website that works on every device with written copy—all designed, built, and launched by the end of your one—or two-day sessions with me. Or we can take your rebrand even further to be red carpet ready with a photo and brand video.

Now, if this sounds like a lot, it is.

How is this possible? To make the process go smoothly, I do as much backend research and creative work as possible beforehand. This means that by the time you arrive for the next steps, we can efficiently utilize our time together to get feedback, make edits in real-time, polish, and move forward.

What It Looks Like to Rebrand with Lena Designs Studio

I’m passionate about creating beautiful, intelligent, and inspired designs that are deeply aligned with your business goals and the needs of your customers. I do this through a holistic approach to brand building, ensuring every element contributes to a consistent, strategic impact.

Not sure what that means? Here’s a look at the step-by-step process behind The Brand Glow Up!®:

Step 1: Business Story Reflection

  • We’ll start by exploring your business story and identifying the unique experiences and values that set you apart. This deep understanding forms the foundation of your brand story, making it authentic and compelling.

Step 2: Golden Thread Client Profile

  • Next, we analyze your best client success stories to identify commonalities and pinpoint your best-fit clients. This process ensures you attract clients who not only need your expertise but are excited to work with you because of who you are.

Step 3: Gift to Gap Blueprint

  • We bridge the gap between your unique strengths and your clients’ needs. By aligning your talents with the desires of your ideal clients, we create a magnetic attraction that leads to fulfilling and financially rewarding engagements.

Step 4: Market Analysis and Brand Personality Development

  • We’ll conduct a thorough market analysis to position your brand uniquely. Using psychology-based frameworks, we’ll develop a brand personality that resonates with your audience, making your brand feel relatable and engaging.

Step 5: Visual Branding Overhaul

  • We’ll update your visual branding to reflect your growth, ensuring it signals quality and value. This includes a new logo, brand style guide, and all necessary identity pieces, ready to announce your rebrand to the world.

Step 6: Comprehensive Relaunch Package

  • To celebrate your new brand, I’ll craft a comprehensive relaunch package, including custom graphics, compelling copy, and a professionally published press release. This package is designed to launch your rebrand with a bang, making sure your audience is just as excited as you are.

By the end, we will have repackaged your genius into a brand that resonates deeply with both you and your clients, commands attention, and establishes you as the expert to turn to.

Examples of Brand Makeover Transformations

After their glow ups, my clients have:

  • been featured in prominent national magazines,
  • received invitations to speak and vend at large industry events,
  • authored bestselling books,
  • established wholesale partnerships with major retailers,
  • become repeat podcast guests,
  • and won awards for their coaching services.

Here are just a few examples of the brands I’ve had the privilege of working with and witnessing their transformation.

Hilltop Operations & Consulting

Founder Anne, specializing in administrative and organizational services for growing small businesses, had a basic website and social media presence. While it conveyed her services, it felt generic and didn’t effectively showcase her expertise. Anne understood the importance of elevating her brand to connect confidently with and draw her new high-caliber audience.

Hilltop Virtual Solutions logo before their brand makeover.
Mountainous landscape inspiration for the Hilltop Operations and Consulting rebrand.
“Working with Lena was so incredible! She asked just the right questions to truly get to the heart of what I want my brand to convey to the clients I am working with.”
Rebranded logo for consulting services after The Brand Glow Up!®.

LoftHouse Publishing

When Hannah, the founder of LoftHouse Publishing, initially launched their website, it didn’t align with the brand’s vision and values. The brand felt clunky, disorganized, and had a predominantly masculine vibe, which didn’t resonate with Hannah’s vision. Recognizing the need for a change, Hannah sought assistance in articulating her vision in a way that resonated with her ideal clients.

Sophisticated entrepreneur working on laptop at wooden desk.
The LoftHouse Publishing logo before working with Lena Designs Studio to rebrand.
“I not only ended up with a beautiful branding package, I understood my own messaging and outreach on a deeper, more articulate level. That flowed into my website copy, social media, and advertising campaigns… The response and success I’ve seen working with Lena Designs Studio has been nothing short of incredible.”
The rebranded LoftHouse Publishing logo.

Are You Ready for Your Rebrand?

If you’re ready to break revenue boundaries and infuse your business with an unmistakable new confidence that magnetizes leads, The Brand Glow Up!® is your path to reaching your next-level goals. Don’t let an outdated brand hold you back any longer.

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Lena Gosik-Wolfe Brand Strategist and Designer
Lena Gosik-Wolfe, founder of Lena Designs Studio, is a passionate brand strategist and designer with a mission to empower female entrepreneurs to build impactful brands. Leveraging her 10 years of experience, she creates authentic, purpose-driven brands that elevate leadership presence and propel clients to success in a competitive market.

The Brand Glow Up!®: Brand Makeover Service for Women-Owned Businesses