10 Things My Clients Have Said After Rebranding

…and how they can help you when choosing the perfect designer for your project.

I’m grateful for all of my clients—all incredible women who have so many ideas and dreams.

Luckily, I’ve been able to work with many kind and caring women that go out of their way to make it abundantly clear how happy they are with my work on their rebrand. Their words of appreciation leave me laughing, crying ( happy tears!), and it just makes me feel damn good. So, when I need to make big decisions in business or I’m feeling frustrated (as we all do at times) — I like to reflect on what they’ve said to me. It always makes me feel better and reminds me why I do what I do!

10 Things Clients Have Said to Me And What To Look For When Choosing A Designer for rebranding your business.

In this digital, often faceless world, you deserve someone who wants to be on your team, not just part of an exchange of money! If you’ve been thinking about rebranding your business, I know you’ve got a big decision ahead because choosing a designer for your project is no easy task. I hope that this post gives you some perspective while looking for the right designer for your brand.

Note: These are actually text messages or emails that I’ve received from clients.

1. “You really took the time to get to know me”

Getting to know my clients and their businesses on a deep level is essential to building a solid foundation for their brand. If your brand designer does not want to dig in and really listen, that’s a total red flag! I personally LOVE diving into each individual client’s brand attributes – the things that make their brand unique to them and their expertise. This is a crucial step to guarantee proper brand communication.

2. “It’s really amazing how [you] can take clients’ mere words and transform them”

Connecting the dots between what’s important to you as a business owner, what you bring to the table for your audience, and how to get them to listen is my superpower! You know your business best, but, when it comes to rebranding, it can be hard to see the connections since you’re so close to your work. You need a designer who can bridge that gap.

3. “I have loved your process and really appreciate how fast we worked through this!”

If you lay the foundation first and work purposefully, everything will fall into place quickly. This is why I started using a VIP Day model with my clients! Over the years, I’ve found that we can make better, stronger decisions for your brand by setting aside a day or two where I am only focused on your brand’s goals and direction.

4. “[You’re] a wizard ?

I may not be an actual wizard, but I know how to stay in my lane and on top of my game. And that’s where the real genius is at! If you’re continually taken out of your zone of genius, wasting time on things that you’re not the best at instead of delegating to others who are, it is going to cost you some serious time and money.

5. “Eeh! It’s like Christmas Day looking at what you create”

I love it when a project is coming together. I find myself on the edge of my seat, waiting for your reaction to the Glow Up! Your brand identity should be all about appealing to your customer’s desires, but it’s most powerful when you feel confident about putting your best brand face forward.

Lena Designs Studio putting together clients mood board as a part of the rebranding process.

6. “I literally cried when I saw my logo and then brand board”

When clarity comes and everything finally feels aligned, it can hit you right in the feels. But in the BEST way. The validation that comes from seeing your vision come to life with your rebrand is a game-changer.

7. “[I’m] grateful for the magic you bring to branding”

You know, it means a lot to me to hear that from my clients. My goal has always been to do work that makes an impact. I genuinely love the work I do, and it fills me up to have a chance to be a part of elevating your business journey. Dedication on both sides of the relationship makes it possible to create something extraordinary!

8. “I could not be happier with my new logo (and can’t wait to start transitioning over!)”

*heart eyes* That’s the why behind my Brand Glow Up! services! My goal is to give you everything you’ll need to move forward with powerful branding – whatever your next step might be! A brand’s success relies on two key components: strategy and guidance. Without these, you will be left with a few graphics and a lot of questions at the end of your project!

9. “It was so easy working with you Lena”

You too, girl! I genuinely love the work I do and the women I get to support in their business growth. I believe that our shared path as empowered female entrepreneurs makes the whole process more enjoyable for us both.

10. “I love, love, love it”

Music to my ears! THIS is what I aim for every single day and what keeps me going. You want to make sure you work with a brand strategist who can give you true “I LOVE IT!” vibes or you’ll be left wondering if your clients will love it, too.

Thank you to my clients for these fantastic words of encouragement and kindness! I’ve had a blast working on each project, and it’s wonderful to know that the work was heard, valued, and understood. I’m grateful that I get to do what I love for such great people!

Of course, not all clients are all perfect. And I’m not a perfect designer either. However, like any relationship, the more sincere and considerate we are, the quicker we will be rewarded with success. While the design process can seem like a cold, digital process that leaves you feeling alone and misunderstood, there are designers who will give you the kind of personal attention and experience you need. Remember, your brand designer will be working with you one-on-one, so building a true relationship based on shared goals is paramount to working together effectively. My best advice to you: always get someone who cares about your project! Any designer or service provider you outsource to should listen to you, respect you, and treat you like the wonderful human you are.

For an in-depth, impactful experience with a rebranding expert, reach out and tell me all about your project today!

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Lena Gosik-Wolfe Brand Strategist and Designer
Lena Gosik-Wolfe, founder of Lena Designs Studio, is a passionate brand strategist and designer with a mission to empower female entrepreneurs to build impactful brands. Leveraging her 10 years of experience, she creates authentic, purpose-driven brands that elevate leadership presence and propel clients to success in a competitive market.
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10 Things My Clients Have Said After Rebranding