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Your brand is SO much more than your logo. Your brand is the whole that is your story, your visuals, your values, and your words. My approach to developing that brand consists of a mix of design skills, creative theory, and practical application. I will work with you to understand your vision and build a brand experience that your target customers will connect with and love.

My Process

Lena Designs Process

Vision Questionnaire

As a part of my process, I begin all of my branding clients with a questionnaire to help get us on the same page and help me to create beautiful yet purposeful design for you.

Target Market & Concept Research

My exclusive brand process book is meant to give you insight into where I see your brand heading and how we will build your designs. My research in it is also meant to help you with marketing, ad targeting, etc. once you are ready to start putting your designs to use.

Logo Design

I am a firm believer that there is much more to a brand than a logo but your logo truly is the core of your brand experience.

Collateral Brand Designs

Here you will be able to choose 3 supporting designs that will best suit your brand. Options include business card design, shop cover design, social media cover design, letterhead design, notecard design, packaging sticker design, event banner design, or email signature design.

Average project timeline 4-6 weeks

Limited to 3 projects per month

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I believe that a major component of successful design is finding the right fit in a designer! Schedule a free 30-minute fitting call below to speak directly with me, or if you have a few quick questions before you startplease feel free to reach out via FB Messenger below.

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